About Community Service  
  The researches have been shown that service activities have a unique way of developing an individual’s leadership skills, sense of community, self esteem and other personal characteristics. In terms of career growth, many service activities provide students with the opportunity to explore possible careers, experience the “real world” of their chosen career field, develop professional skills and contacts, build their resume, and put into practice the information they have learned in academic settings.

Community service provides a variety of unique benefits to the students, the community and to the organizations where students volunteer. It is very common that volunteers get much more out of their service experience than they expect. Also, the community gains resources and services that would otherwise be unavailable.

Every community service activity or project benefits a specific individual or group. Whether it is building a home for the working poor, serving victims of chronic or terminal illness, tutoring children, or any other service activity, there is a person or group who ultimately benefits from your time. Without volunteers like yourself these services would not be provided and the lives of those people receiving the services would not be enriched. In addition, whenever you reach out and help one person, there is a ripple effect that ultimately results in benefit of the entire community.

  What is community service?

Activities undertaken individually or collaboratively:

  • for the benefit of others in an area of need
  • that offer opportunities for learning
  • Activities can be of direct or indirect benefit to individuals, groups or the community, e.g. tutoring students; fundraising for the Red Cross etc.


Objectives of Community Service
  • To develop a culture and ethos of service among student –       teachers.
  • To provide opportunities for student – teachers to exercise responsibility and develop leadership skills by resolving real-life problems.
  • To provide opportunities for student – teachers to learn first-hand through helping others.
  • To provide opportunities for student – teachers to learn first-hand through helping others.
  • To sensitize the future teachers towards the contemporary issues.
  Potential benefits
  • Personal and interpersonal development – communication, leadership, problem solving, self-identity, ability to relate to different groups
  • Development of civic responsibility and skills
  • Increased engagement and motivation to learn
  • Improved community perceptions
  • Increased respect for all



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